Our Mission Statement

At Quantum Chiropractic our mission is to
Intentionally Inspire the Queensbury-Glens Falls Community,
Empowering every Man, Woman and Child to Reach their God Given Potential.

Pediatric Chiropractor

We strive to provide Leadership and Empowerment in our community, serving as a reliable source of factual information about the Innate Intelligence within the human body.

We know that there is no healing in chasing and suppressing symptoms so we help you ask and answer the most important question:

Why is my body doing this?

Did you know that the human body is a self healing, self regulating organism? So if we know that you body isn't self healing or isn't regulating itself properly, we want to help you find out why this dysfunction is happening, find out what's interfering with your healing and help you correct the cause. 

The system that organizes and co-ordinates all of this healing and regulation is called the Nervous System.  A properly functioning system needs no help from drugs and/or surgery, it simply needs no interference. So, after helping thousands of others find healing, we know that all too often the answer to the most important question just might be:

Interference or Subluxation

How do you know if you have interference, what chiropractors call "Subluxation", in your nervous system?  Well, there are usually some clues, some symptom(s) or dysfunction(s). When your brain is having trouble communicating with your organs, muscles, hormone, digestive and other body systems it's an opportunity for chaos to happen.

It's pretty easy to detect in little people. Let's face it, babies have 4 jobs: Eat, Sleep, Poop and Smile and they're unlikely to have picked up any of the bad habits that interfere with those functions yet; so when a baby isn't eating we're less likely to guess that it's behavioral or lifestyle induced. Many parents are left to wonder "Why is my baby's body not taking in and/or processing food properly?". Once we're grown, we do tend to have picked up some of those behavoral and lifestyle stressors so while the picture gets a little more complicated, we still believe that we should first look to the body and make sure that the nervous system is able to function correctly. Of course, there is always prescriptions and surgery but are those truly solving the problem or just covering up the symptoms and for how long? The promise of a quick fix is often an empty one that leads to a frustrating cycle of more stress, stronger prescriptions and even additional surgeries.

So if you've read this far because you have symptoms and dysfunction and you agree that it just makes sense to check your nervous system for subluxation, 

You need a Chiropractic Evaluation!

It's a Chiropractors job to detect the interferences/subluxations and to correct hem using a chiropractic adjustment. Some offices, like ours, use technology to test and help reveal the presence of subluxations. We believe that it's very important that you be able to see what we see and take an active role in advocating for your own health; so we don't guess, we test! We show you your X-rays (if you're an adult) and we show you the results of our tests and we explain what we're seeing and how we can help.

Removing subluxations usually restores the proper flow of communication between the brain and every other system in the body. When you are free from interference, your body goes to work healing and regulating itself.  What comes next is the ultimate expression of your innate healing potential. It really is that simple. You were created to express health!

That's not to say that you have to wait for symptoms to get unbearable or for dysfunction to put you in a bad place before you make a great chiropractor a part of your healthcare team. We serve lots of folks who have come to the conclusion that it's easier to take great care of their bodies now than it is to fix it up after decades of stress. Let's face it, we live in a time where there are more mental, chemical, physical and emotional stresses than ever before and we're definitely seeing that play out in the next generation. Healthy babies and children are not a given anymore but we're proud to say that chiropractic care is a great way to encourage healthy pregnancies that lead to healthy babies and our chiropractors are specially trained and certified in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care.

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